Welcome you to become a network member of the Bo Tao Xuan:

Please read the membership rules, the rules express the rights and obligations between the members and Bo Tao Xuan site, you agree to these Regulations, before become Benwang Member.


Bo Tao Xuan, a member registration statement Terms:

  1. membership, please fill out a complete and detailed personal information such as name, E-mail address, if you log on to the data has changed, please feel free online update to protect your rights and interests.
  2. If the personal information you provide false or breach of, damage to the house will be fragrant food site service purpose, and can be canceled at any time you use the services and the qualifications.
  3. Members should take good care of the account and password and is responsible for all activities engaged in after entering the system. To protect members of their own interests, do not be disclosure of the account and password or provide to a third party is aware, lend or transfer others to use. The Member account or password unauthorized use or have any other breach of security, please notify the Company immediately.
  4. member of Benwang shall not in any way (prohibit different identity repeated Register) damage and interfere with family in Hong food site on the data and functions, and are prohibited from invasion or destruction of the attempt or trading behavior of any system on the network, any attempt destruction and invasion of the fact that all have to bear the legal criminal liability, and do not defy the law.
  5. The Member agrees that Bo Tao Xuan various activities from time to time send the message.
  6. Members may use this website for online quiz, online Order, and newsletter functions.
  7. based on the members to maintain good interaction, the Company will occasionally send a site message and Haokang activities, the nature of the e-mail or DM of related products and services to your registered mailbox, if the members do not want to receive any contact information, to this site to unsubscribe from the newsletter, or inform us by e-mail, the Company will be respected.
  8. Bo Tao Xuan retained stop or change the services or terminate any rights of a member account services. And in any case, stop or change the service or terminate a Member account may have trouble, inconvenience or damage to any member or third party, Bo Tao Xuan assumes no responsibility.


Two members privacy protection:

All personal data obtained, Bo Tao Xuan internal use only. Non-members agree that the personal information collected by this website will not be disclosed to a third person or used for any other purpose other than to other uses. In addition to the following situations (exclusions):

  1. Republic of the relevant provisions of the law.
  2. by judicial or other competent authority based on the statutory procedures.


Three, members of other relevant specifications:

  1. The Company assumes no liability for use by members of the various services, or inability to use the service due to any direct, indirect, derivative, or special damages of Health. Use by members of the Service Department has a price taker, the company only paid to members for the price range of negative liability.
  2. The limitation of liability, according to the law shall not be restricted, the restrictions will not apply.
  3. The company's Web site, all works and data, its copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights, are the Company or rights holders, in addition to the advance by the Company or its rights legitimate authorization, membership will be allowed to reproduce, transfer, convert, edit, or use them in any other form, for any purpose, otherwise should take all legal responsibility.
  4. a member violates the laws or contrary to the terms of any one member of this consent, caused by the Company or its affiliated companies, servants, trustees, agents and other relevant fulfill auxiliaries thus subject to damage or expenses (including but not limited to civil, criminal and administrative procedures incurred attorneys' fees), the member shall bear the liability for damages or to fill their costs.
  5. agree with the interpretation and application of the book, and member use of the Service relationship with the Company arising from the rights and obligations in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China explained applicable. Disputes arising from tube to Taiwan Taichung District Court of first instance.