In recent years we have been constantly developing new products, a variety of main materials, fillers, binders deployment of different cost structure of painting and calligraphy supplies to meet market demand; during the process also to thank a number of painting and calligraphy master patiently test strips, provides a lot of valuable experience, quality management, production processes, the use of brush strokes in the empirical sciences to improve, progress, growth.


 We are very persistent adherence to the "knife cheap calligraphy practice paper, we also adhere to each batch of quality and stable level; we are really very hard to stick to the job, the full development of low, medium and high stage of price nearly one hundred kinds of tissue paper, rice paper, calligraphy paper processed; 80 kinds of brush; dozens of professional and old Mexico, to provide a full range of services for every predecessor to expect from now on you can be satisfied with our services, and continue to teach us, spur us on.


Brand History

 "Bo Tao Xuan," first seen in the Collection Magazine October 1995 edition of "Taiwan Antique Folk Art Market Guide 114, 115; but our family collection has been for several decades, the contact for this reason that the four treasures and art a friend forged fate, prompted us to operate the cause of rice paper, tissue paper, the four treasures, signed Red Star Xuan paper distributor in Taiwan and China Xuan Paper Group.


 In 1996, I began to put into the development and research work on rice paper, tissue paper, regardless of the low-grade calligraphy paper or high-grade Tan leather declared personal grass-roots level, to plant at home, indeed the quality of production processes, equipment, tools , to fully grasp. In recent years courtesy of the same industry advanced their encouragement, guidance and help have finally reached a basic, we set up factories in mainland China, Jing County, Anhui Province now has officially production of cotton, rice paper, welcome to visit and advise.


 Our company specializes in handmade papermaking production plants, used for Chinese ink painting, calligraphy, graphic paper, packaging paper; with the production-related arts and crafts, traditional Chinese folding fan, fan, calligraphy and painting board, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting. gouache with strong paper, brush, stone carving supplies, ink stone, professional ink ingot.


Business philosophy

1. Stick to the product class distinction, and never to deceive customers.

2. Stick to the after-sales responsibility for the quality, and never hide the fault.

3. Stick to the new R & D efforts, products MerryMart.

4. Stick to the stability of dynamic management, sustainable and healthy company.